Welcome to the College of Letters & Sciences 'Aristotle' Cloud Infrastructure.

Aristotle Cloud is Infrastructure as a Service that provides root access to virtual servers and storage on-demand.

Here invited UCSB members and affiliates can gain access to aid in their research and instruction pursuits.

A federated cloud model capable of supporting large-scale, shared, and collaborative data analysis supports a variety of Use Cases.

Academic Cloud Research

The project will support a rich set of open source software and cloud usage modalities and implement and optimize frameworks for query based exploration, modeling, and analysis. Research scientists and user support teams will strategically explore problems of increasing complexity and corresponding increases in data.

Who is Involved

A growing number of UCSB researchers as well as NSF's Federated Cloud Model.

Federated Cloud Model: Cornell University and its partners, the University at Buffalo and the University of California, Santa Barbara, will create a federated cloud in New York State and California.

University of California, Santa Barbara Cornell University University at Buffalo